Leaked Battery Sizes of iPhone 15 Models Revealed – Check Out the Capacities for Each Variant

Leaked Battery Sizes of iPhone 15 Models – Last week, Apple unveiled its highly anticipated iPhone 15 lineup at the “Wanderlust” event. This gave us our first official glimpse of the next-generation iPhones, which are set to hit store shelves on September 22. While Apple tends to keep some of the specifics under wraps, the rumor mill continues to churn with new leaks and information.

One of the latest leaks comes from a regulatory body in China, as reported by MySmartPrice via Android Authority. According to the regulatory listing for the iPhone 15 series, the battery life will see a modest improvement, but nothing groundbreaking.

What is the battery capacity of the iPhone 15?

The base iPhone 15 has a battery capacity of 3,349mAh.

How about the battery capacity of the iPhone 15 Plus?

The iPhone 15 Plus has a battery capacity of 4,383mAh.

What is the battery capacity of the iPhone 15 Pro?

The iPhone 15 Pro comes with a battery capacity of 3,274mAh.

And what about the iPhone 15 Pro Max?

The iPhone 15 Pro Max sports the largest battery of the lineup with a capacity of 4,422mAh.

Leaked Battery Sizes of iPhone 15 Models

How long does the battery last for each model?

According to Apple, the iPhone 15 can provide up to 20 hours of battery life, the iPhone 15 Plus up to 26 hours, the iPhone 15 Pro up to 23 hours, and the iPhone 15 Pro Max up to 29 hours of battery life for tasks like video playback.

How does the battery capacity compare to the iPhone 14 series?

The iPhone 15 series shows modest advancements in battery capacity compared to the iPhone 14 series. The iPhone 14 had a base model with a battery capacity of 3,279mAh, the 14 Plus with 4,325mAh, the 14 Pro with 3,200mAh, and the 14 Pro Max with 4,323mAh.

Is the iPhone 15 known for having a longer-lasting battery?

While earlier rumors suggested significant battery capacity improvements, the iPhone 15 is still expected to have the longest-lasting battery of any iPhone to date.

What factors affect the actual battery life of the iPhone 15?

Several factors can influence the battery life, including the screen size and brightness, the efficiency of the internal modem, and the type of tasks performed on the device.

When will the iPhone 15 series be available?

The iPhone 15 series can be pre-ordered now and will be available in stores starting from September 22. However, there may be shipping delays for the high-end models.

Where can I find more information about the iPhone 14?

To learn more about the iPhone 14, you can check out our review and current deals on the Tom’s Guide website.


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