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KMPlayer Plus MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

KMPlayer Plus (Divx Codec): A Comprehensive Media Player with Advanced Features

The KMPlayer Plus MOD APK (Divx Codec) is a powerful media player that offers extensive support for various codecs and subtitle formats. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, it provides an exceptional media playback experience. In this article, we will explore the supported codecs, subtitle formats, and the wide range of functions offered by KMPlayer Plus (Divx Codec).

Supported Codecs by File Type

Avi File Codecs


KMPlayer Plus (Divx Codec) offers extensive support for Avi file formats with codecs like DXMF, DX50, DIVX, DIV4, DIV3, and MP4V, ensuring compatibility with a broad range of Avi-based multimedia content.

MKV File Codecs


For MKV files, KMPlayer Plus (Divx Codec) maintains compatibility with codecs such as DX50, DIV3, DIVX, DIV4, and MP4V, enabling smooth playback of MKV-format videos with these supported codecs.

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Unsupported Codecs

Unsupported Codecs

DTSNot Supported
EAC3Not Supported
TrueHDNot Supported

KMPlayer Plus MOD APK (Divx Codec) currently lacks support for specific codecs like DTS, EAC3, and TrueHD, which may result in playback issues or incompatibility with media files encoded using these unsupported codecs.

KMPlayer Plus MOD APK

Unsupported FourCC Codes

eac3Not Supported
mlpNot Supported
trhdNot Supported
dtsNot Supported
dtsbNot Supported
dtscNot Supported
dtseNot Supported
dtshNot Supported
dtslNot Supported
msNot Supported

Additionally, KMPlayer Plus (Divx Codec) does not support certain FourCC codes such as eac3, mlp, trhd, dts, dtsb, dtsc, dtse, dtsh, dtsl, and ms, indicating limitations in compatibility with media files encoded using these specific codes.

Importance and Implications

Understanding the supported and unsupported codecs within KMPlayer Plus (Divx Codec) is crucial for users when selecting media files for playback. Files encoded with unsupported codecs might encounter playback issues or may not be recognized within the player environment, necessitating transcoding or the use of alternative media players that support these codecs.

Future Considerations

As media technology evolves, KMPlayer Plus (Divx Codec) may introduce updates to broaden codec support, potentially incorporating currently unsupported codecs in future releases to enhance its compatibility with a wider range of multimedia formats.

Supported Subtitle Formats

KMPlayer Plus (Divx Codec) offers comprehensive support for subtitle formats, including:

  • DVD, DVB, SSA/ASS Subtitle Track
  • SubStation Alpha(.ssa/.ass) with full styling
  • SAMI(.smi) with ruby tag support
  • SubRip(.srt), MicroDVD(.sub/.txt), VobSub(.sub/.idx), SubViewer2.0(.sub), MPL2(.mpl/.txt), TMPlayer(.txt), Teletext, PJS(.pjs), WebVTT(.vtt)

KMPlayer Plus APK

Playback Features

KMPlayer Plus (Divx Codec) presents a comprehensive array of playback features, enriching the user’s viewing experience:

High-Definition PlaybackSeamlessly enjoy various video resolutions, from HD to 8K, ensuring vivid and clear visuals.
Color AdjustmentFine-tune video parameters like brightness, contrast, and saturation for personalized viewing.
Zoom ControlsEnlarge or shrink video content and adjust its position, catering to specific preferences.
Section RepeatAutomatically replay selected video segments, ideal for studying or focusing on specific parts.
Video InversionFlip video horizontally or vertically for diverse display options, enhancing viewing flexibility.

User Interface and Control

BookmarkingMark favorite video moments for quick access, simplifying the process of revisiting scenes.
Quick ButtonAccess essential player options instantly with a single click, ensuring convenient control.
Popup PlayWatch videos in a resizable pop-up window while multitasking, enabling seamless usage.
Timer FunctionSet timers for automatic video or music playback, offering a hands-free experience.

Audio Enhancement

EqualizerAdjust audio equalizer settings to tailor sound quality, customizing the audio output as desired.
Speed ControlManage playback speed from 0.25x to 4x, facilitating efficient browsing or detailed scrutiny.

Subtitle Customization

Subtitle SettingsCustomize subtitle appearance including color, size, and position on the screen for improved readability.

KMPlayer Plus

Additional Functions

Sharing via Wi-FiEffortlessly transfer files between devices without wired connections.
Search FunctionEasily find and access favorite media within the player interface.
My List (Playlist)Create personalized playlists for organized and managed video and music content.
Play URLStream videos directly from the web by entering URLs, expanding content accessibility.
External Storage Device SupportAccess media files from external devices like SD cards and USB memory for enhanced flexibility.
Network ConnectivityConnect to private servers via FTP, UPNP, SMB, and WebDAV for versatile content access.
Cloud IntegrationPlay music and content from cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and more.

These multifaceted functionalities collectively ensure a versatile and user-friendly experience, catering to diverse media needs and preferences within KMPlayer Plus (Divx Codec).

Unlocked Premium Features

The Unlocked Premium version of KMPlayer Plus (Divx Codec) offers an enhanced user experience with additional functionalities beyond the standard version.

Torrent Client

Enjoy real-time video playback while simultaneously downloading content through a built-in torrent client, enabling users to efficiently manage downloads and streaming in a single interface.

Video and Audio Editing

  • Crop Video: Select and cut specific segments of a video, allowing users to focus on desired content or create shorter clips.
  • Crop Audio: Trim and edit audio files directly within the player interface for customized audio experiences.

GIF Creation

The Unlocked Premium version provides the ability to create dynamic GIFs from favorite videos, offering a fun and creative way to share moments from media content.

MP3 Conversion

Easily extract and convert audio from videos into the popular MP3 format, enabling users to create audio files from their video content.

VIP Theme Customization

  • Personalized Themes: Customize the player’s theme with personal photos, allowing for a unique and personalized user interface.

Exclusive Features

The Unlocked Premium version includes additional exclusive features tailored for VIP users, enhancing the overall functionality and user experience of the KMPlayer Plus (Divx Codec).


Benefits and Usage

The Unlocked Premium version expands the capabilities of the KMPlayer Plus MOD APK (Divx Codec) by offering advanced tools for video and audio manipulation, providing a more comprehensive suite for media management and customization. Users can access these premium features through an in-app purchase, unlocking a broader range of functionalities for an enriched multimedia experience.

Access Permission Information

KMPlayer Plus (Divx Codec) requires certain permissions to provide its full functionality:

  • Required Permission: Storage access to photos, music, and videos stored on the device
  • Selectable Permission: Draw on top of other apps (for popup play), View and download Google Drive files (for cloud functionality)

Note that the basic service can still be used even if you do not agree to the selectable permissions, but certain features may be unavailable.


KMPlayer Plus MOD APK (Divx Codec) stands as a robust and versatile media player, offering an extensive array of features to elevate the user’s media playback experience. With a focus on convenience, customization, and compatibility, this player caters to diverse media needs and preferences.

From high-definition playback support for various resolutions to advanced controls such as color adjustment and zoom, KMPlayer Plus (Divx Codec) ensures crystal-clear visuals and personalized viewing experiences. Its user-friendly interface and control options, including bookmarking, quick access buttons, and pop-up play, prioritize ease of use and seamless multitasking.

The player’s audio enhancement capabilities with equalizer settings and playback speed control further enrich the auditory experience. Customization options for subtitles and the ability to create playlists and stream content from various sources reflect its adaptability to individual preferences.

Moreover, its integration with external storage devices, network connectivity options, and cloud services enhances accessibility, allowing users to manage and access their media library efficiently.

In essence, KMPlayer Plus (Divx Codec) encapsulates a comprehensive suite of functionalities, making it a versatile and user-centric platform for managing and enjoying multimedia content. With its extensive feature set and adaptability, it remains a compelling choice for users seeking a robust media player solution.

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