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Infinite Heroes MOD APK v30.98 (Unlimited Power) Download

Infinite Heroes Mod APK: AFK Idle Games – A Legendary Mobile RPG

Infinite Heroes MOD APK v30.98 (Unlimited Power) Download is a captivating mobile idle role-playing game that allows you to embark on an epic journey, gathering iconic heroes from different civilizations to form your very own League of Legends. In this immersive game, you have the power to teach and enhance your heroes’ abilities with talents, upgrade their equipment, shape them into formidable warriors, and assemble the mightiest mobile legend party ever witnessed. Brace yourself as you lead your heroes into courageous battles against fearsome enemies such as the fire monster and the Awakened Dragon, and revel in the glory and riches of victory. Even when you are away, your legendary army will continue to gather awards, aiding you in the process of rebuilding your empire!

Infinite Heroes MOD APK

Unleash the Storied Past of Mythology

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Infinite Heroes and assemble well-balanced teams comprising mages, support, tanks, rangers, warriors, and various other classes to combat your foes, conquer monsters, and awaken dragons. Summon heroes from six different leagues and command them to fight alongside you. Master the art of utilizing formation boosts and factional advantages unique to each group, and establish your dominance in the game.

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Infinite Heroes APK

PvP Arena: Rise to the Top of the War Rankings

Challenge players on your server or from other servers and ascend to the pinnacle of the war rankings in the online game. Embark on your online adventure and engage in fierce arena battles against fellow players, strategically altering your lineup and climbing the ranks to claim victory.

infinite heroes:afk idle games

Strategize with Heroes to Achieve Victory

Infinite Heroes provides you with the freedom to create various builds for your heroes, offering a wide range of development pathways through masteries and artifacts. Shape your mobile legends as per your preference, customizing their traits, strengths, and weaknesses, and unleash their true potential.

Conquer Magnificent Boss Fights

Prepare yourself for thrilling encounters with dozens of challenging bosses, each offering valuable treasures and unique champion drops. Engage in epic battles against the Awakened Dragon, venture into the Chaotic Realm and the Shadow Altar, and revisit them to acquire more powerful equipment for your heroes.

infinite heroes:afk idle games

Auto Battle When You’re AFK

Infinite Heroes offers you the flexibility to choose your level of engagement. Actively participate in every battle or set up your squad to explore and fight autonomously while you relax in idle mode. With just one tap, you can halt the conflict and collect your rewards, freeing up more time for thrilling adventures.

Awesome Rewards Await

Even when you’re away from your device, the game rewards you with fantastic prizes. Earn free diamonds, gold coins, rare cards, and powerful equipment online. These rewards progressively improve each day, ensuring that your inactivity does not hinder your progression.


Infinite Heroes: AFK Idle Games is a captivating mobile role-playing game that immerses players in a world of legendary heroes and epic battles. With its stunning visuals, strategic gameplay, and the ability to collect and upgrade heroes from various civilizations, this game offers endless hours of entertainment. Whether you prefer to actively participate in battles or let your heroes fight on their own, Infinite Heroes caters to your playstyle. So, embark on this incredible journey, conquer fearsome enemies, and become a legend in the world of Infinite Heroes!

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