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Goblin Champion Challenge in Clash of Clans: Your Ultimate Guide to Conquer Clash of Clans

Mastering the Goblin Champion Challenge in Clash of Clans

Goblin Champion Challenge in Clash of Clans – If you are facing difficulties in overcoming the Goblin Champion Challenge in Clash of Clans, you have come to the right place. The latest season has introduced new and exciting challenges that offer great rewards. This particular challenge involves infiltrating a heavily fortified goblin base, which is no easy feat. If you have exhausted all your options and still haven’t achieved a 3-star victory, fear not! We are here to guide you through it. With the right strategy and approach, conquering this challenge will be a breeze. Simply follow the instructions below to emerge victorious.

How to Achieve 3 Stars in the Goblin Champion Challenge in Clash of Clans

To successfully complete this challenge, thorough preparation and exploration of the enemy base are crucial. Don’t worry; we have done the groundwork for you. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions below:

1. Unleash Hidden Secrets

Start by placing two goblins in the lower left part of the map, next to the military camp. This will activate hidden Teslas and traps, exposing the enemy’s defenses.

2. Clear the Path

Next, deploy a Flame Flinger in the same area to destroy the Tesla and unlock a pathway for your troops to advance.

3. Rocket Balloon Assault

Arm yourself with 5 Rocket Balloons and position them strategically:

  1. Place 1 Rocket Balloon in the lower right part of the map to activate the Tesla.
  2. Deploy 3 more Rocket Balloons in the same area to break through the defense and eliminate the X-Bow.
  3. Position another Rocket Balloon above the Dark Elixir drill on the lower right side to trigger and destroy another Tesla.

Mastering the Goblin Champion Challenge in Clash of Clans

4. Siege from Above

Continue your assault using Rocket Balloons, this time focusing on the upper right corner:

  1. Position 1 Rocket Balloon on each side of the corner to destroy the Expo and the hidden Tesla nearby.
  2. Add 3 more Rocket Balloons from the same corner to eliminate the X-Bow.

5. Left-Side Offensive

Shift your attention to the left side of the base and continue utilizing Rocket Balloons:

  1. Place 1 Rocket Balloon over the Expo to destroy the hidden Tesla and clear the path to the X-Bow.
  2. Deploy 3 more units to demolish the X-Bow, just like in the previous step.

6. Hidden Threats

Deploy the last 2 Rocket Balloons near the goblin statue on the top left and the Expo on the bottom left. This will eliminate the hidden Teslas and ensure a safe passage.

7. Unleash the Goblins

Release one standard goblin and two sneaky goblins to destroy the resource buildings on the left side, securing your first star.

8. Activate the Tornado

Activate the Tornado traps by placing another goblin in the lower left corner next to the Flame Flinger upon triggering the Town Hall.

9. The Final Blow

Wait for the Flame Flinger to weaken the inferno tower, then send in one Sneaky Goblin to activate two giant bombs near the Town Hall. Once the Town Hall is sufficiently damaged, deploy 4 more Sneaky Goblins to finish it off.

Beat Goblin Champion Challenge

10. Reinforcements Arrive

Deploy your Royal Champion and Ice Golem, targeting the buildings at the bottom of the base. Beware of goblin troops emerging from the Clan Castle; use two poison potions to neutralize them and protect your units.

11. The Finishing Touches

While the other units are busy dismantling the base, strategically position additional goblins around the perimeter to gradually destroy the collectors.

If executed correctly, you should achieve a successful base destruction within the given time. It is crucial to emphasize the importance of destroying the hidden Teslas with Rocket Balloons. Failure to do so may hinder your chances of achieving a 100% victory later on.

Completing this challenge rewards you with more than just the spoils of war. In addition to the gold and elixir you collect from the base, you will receive the following challenge rewards:

  • Experience Points x400
  • Gems x25
  • Builder Potion x1

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