EU Requires Replaceable Smartphone Batteries By 2027

New EU Law May Require Smartphone Makers to Reintroduce User-Friendly Removable Batteries

EU Requires Replaceable Smartphone Batteries by 2027 – The European Parliament has passed a new law that requires all gadgets, including smartphones, to have easily replaceable batteries by 2027. This move is aimed at cutting down on environmental waste and preventing companies from forcing obsolescence onto consumers. The law was voted into effect almost unanimously, with 587 votes in favor of the new requirement.

With this new law, consumers will no longer have to pay exorbitant fees to licensed technicians. To swap out their smartphone batteries, nor will they have to throw away their phones and buy new ones. The law encourages companies to design smartphones with easily replaceable batteries. This move is a significant step towards sustainability and extending the life of smartphones.


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Benefits of Replaceable Smartphone Batteries

Apart from reducing environmental waste, swapping out batteries prevents companies from forcing smartphone obsolescence. If your phone works fine, you don’t have to upgrade just because of a weak battery. With replaceable batteries, consumers can purchase and install backups instead of waiting at the Apple store.

Challenges in Designing Smartphones with Replaceable Batteries

EU Requires Replaceable Smartphone Batteries

One of The Main Challenges in Designing Smartphones

A significant hurdle in creating smartphones with readily replaceable batteries arises from their promotion as water-resistant. The prevailing design features glued glass panels on a metal frame, ensuring limited water resistance. Incorporating a user-friendly battery hatch could compromise waterproofing and increase device size. Nonetheless, phone manufacturers have a considerable 3.5-year timeframe to develop a suitable solution in compliance with this legislation.

A Remarkable Leap Towards Sustainability

In essence, the latest EU legislation mandating replaceable smartphone batteries signifies a remarkable leap towards sustainability and extending device lifespan. The aspiration is for this law to expand globally, including the US, eventually. By enabling battery replacements, users can avoid exorbitant technician fees and unnecessary phone disposal. This initiative benefits both consumers and incentivizes companies to create eco-friendly, durable smartphones.

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