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EMERGENCY HQ MOD APK v1.8.07 + OBB with Move Speed Multiplier

EMERGENCY HQ MOD APK is an immersive and thrilling game that puts players in charge of completing urgent and life-saving missions with different forces. In this strategic rescue game, each force has its own mission, and it’s up to you to determine the order in which they should carry out the rescue operations. As you progress, you’ll also have the opportunity to build your own headquarters and assemble a fleet of vehicles that are always ready to respond to emergencies.


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Complete the Oktoberfest Quest

In EMERGENCY HQ, players will encounter new and exciting quests to challenge their skills in this latest game version. One such quest is the Oktoberfest quest, where you’ll have to tackle fire-related problems and save lives. These new missions offer increased complexity and challenges, requiring the mobilization of multiple fire trucks, ambulances, and cranes.


Build Your City, Your Way

Prior to diving into the main gameplay of EMERGENCY HQ, players will have the opportunity to establish their own headquarters. This central hub allows you to stay informed about all the issues plaguing the town and respond quickly to emergencies. As you progress, you can construct fire stations, medical facilities, and other crucial infrastructures to address potential fire-related incidents. The more facilities you build, the more beneficial it becomes for your rescue operations.

When you establish a new base, a corresponding vehicle will also become available. This allows you to gradually expand and strengthen your rescue team. Rescues can vary in scale and require different numbers of vehicles, making a well-equipped headquarters essential for seamless operations. Witnessing your fleet of vehicles immediately spring into action when a fire breaks out is truly a gratifying experience.

EMERGENCY HQ – firefighter rescue strategy game

Execute the Rescue Operations Effectively

The gameplay in EMERGENCY HQ revolves around tactical decision-making. Rather than controlling a specific character, you’ll be assigning tasks to different forces. For newcomers, the tutorial screen provides a comprehensive overview of the game mechanics. When faced with a problem, you’ll need to assess and prioritize your actions accordingly.

EMERGENCY HQ – firefighter rescue strategy game

Different vehicles will be mobilized to the emergency site simultaneously, and by selecting a specific force, you can observe their related activities. The pictorial representations make it easy to understand each task. The rescue process doesn’t follow a specific order, as you’ll need to extinguish fires and save victims concurrently. Sometimes, you’ll even need to remove obstacles before providing first aid to those in need.

EMERGENCY HQ – firefighter rescue strategy game

Varied and Challenging Levels

EMERGENCY HQ offers a multitude of exciting levels, each demanding your utmost attention and skill. After completing each level, you’ll earn money and experience points, both of which are invaluable resources. Use your money to purchase new buildings and enhance your headquarters, ensuring its continuous development. This game provides an excellent source of entertainment for players of all backgrounds.

Key Features:

  • Missions that offer both variety and difficulty, set across comprehensive maps
  • Specially equipped mission vehicles representing all emergency agencies
  • Ability to improve structures and individual units
  • Compete against other players in the league, putting your leadership skills to the test
  • Form alliances with fellow players to enhance the overall rescue effort

Frequently Asked Questions: EMERGENCY HQ – Firefighter Rescue Strategy Game


EMERGENCY HQ is a game where players engage in life-saving missions with different forces, completing them in an urgent manner. Each rescue force has its own mission, and players have the responsibility of deciding the order in which they should be carried out. Additionally, players will have their own HQ and a fleet of vehicles ready to respond to emergencies.

What is the Oktoberfest quest in EMERGENCY HQ?

In EMERGENCY HQ, players will find new quests to challenge themselves, such as the Oktoberfest quest. This quest involves solving problems caused by fires and saving people’s lives. The complexity and challenge of these missions increase, requiring the mobilization of fire trucks, ambulances, and cranes.

Can I build my own city in EMERGENCY HQ?

Yes, players have the opportunity to build their own city in EMERGENCY HQ. The HQ serves as a central hub for managing and addressing various issues in the town. Players can construct fire stations, medical stations, and other facilities to effectively handle fire problems. Building multiple facilities can be beneficial for a more efficient rescue process.

How does the rescue process work in EMERGENCY HQ?

The gameplay of EMERGENCY HQ focuses on the tactical element. Instead of controlling a specific character, players assign tasks to different forces. When a problem arises, players need to assess the situation and prioritize their actions. Different vehicles will be mobilized simultaneously, and players can monitor their activities through visual representations. The rescue process is not strictly linear, as players may need to address multiple tasks simultaneously, such as extinguishing fires and providing first aid to victims.

Are there different levels in EMERGENCY HQ?

Yes, EMERGENCY HQ offers a variety of challenging levels for players to experience. Each level requires a specific level of sensitivity and skill. After completing each level, players receive rewards in the form of money and experience. These resources can be used to purchase new buildings and further develop their HQ.

What are the key features of EMERGENCY HQ?

  1. Missions that are both varied and challenging, featuring comprehensive maps
  2. All emergency agencies are represented by specially equipped mission vehicles
  3. Opportunities for improvements to structures and individual units
  4. Compete against other players in the league to test your commander abilities
  5. Form a Rescue Alliance with other players to assist in the rescue efforts

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